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ERP - Grow Business

ERP-GROW BUSINESS is the system for keeping business
accounts easily.

Easy and reliable software to view business accounting –
income, expenses, stocks, business management analysis full reports from

Daily business income-expenditure, profit-loss, product stock account can be kept very easily. Any super shop, fashion house, cosmetic shop, bike accessories shop, bike showroom, departmental shop, electronic shop, restaurant, mobile shop or any kind of retail or wholesale business. Our ERP – Grow Business Software will help you simplify accounting and increase business profitability by analyzing your business management system.

What is included in the software:

1. All systems of business inventory management

2. All systems of account management

3. All accounting system of purchase and sale of products

4. Arrangement of keeping the details of the product in stock

5. Income and expense reports

6. Report on how much profit is being made

7. Various features with the facility to customize as per your choice

8. Calculation of salary of employees.

9. Prevention of theft or loss of any products of the business

10. Amount of business income, improvement, loss and capital

11. Facilitate sales registration and inventory management with barcode scanners

12. Daily/monthly/yearly expense accounting facility

13. Instant invoice print facility

14. Benefits of Sales Report Management

# The complete cloud software so there is no chance of any kind of data loss.

# One thousand taka per year 1 gigabyte data storage hosting charge.

Can you use it anytime, anywhere.

The software can be used from mobile, laptop, desktop.

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